Who We Are

Aldersgate Renewal Ministries (ARM) is a non-political and non-adversarial movement that is committed to guide individuals and churches, especially those within the Wesleyan heritage, to encounter the Holy Spirit, equipping them for ministry, and encouraging them to live supernatural, Spirit-filled lives.

ARM encourages dialogue within the Wesleyan Theology streams and seeks to interpret the movement of the Holy Spirit to the church. We celebrate the richness of our Wesleyan heritage and history, recognizing that John Wesley's theology of grace is in fact a theology of the Holy Spirit.


Encounter, Equip, Encourage


  • We provide opportunities to encounter the supernatural power and presence of the Holy Spirit both corporately and individually

  • We intentionally invite individuals to experience and nurture a relationship with the Holy Spirit to release spiritual gifts and fruit

  • Through our prayer ministry, we facilitate healing, transformation and freedom in Christ.


  • We are called to equip the Body of Christ

  • Equipped by the Holy Spirit, disciples are used to carry out God's mission in the world

  • ARM equips believers through teaching, preaching, worship and prayer to carry out the ministry of Jesus for the transformation of the world


  • We take seriously our call to the ministry of encouragement

  • ARM has an ongoing ministry of encouraging Spirit-filled, followers of Jesus, to daily live and walk in the Spirit.

  • In all times and places, ministry and life as a disciple can be filled with many obstacles

  • Through community and words of life, ARM strengthens the Body of Christ to remain true to the Lord

Core Values

  • Obedience to the Holy Spirit in which new possibilities come to life through the power of the Holy Spirit - 2 John 1:6

  • The Revelation of the Spirit through Word, prayer, prophecy, dreams, and visions in which we hold ourselves accountable before God and each other - John 16:13-14

  • Exposure to and participation in the miraculous work of God in which we expect to see the activation of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit within the Body of Christ - John 14:12; 1 Corinthians 12:4-11

  • The process of growth and maturity through the Holy Spirit in which ministry is exercised from and to all age groups and throughout the generations - Acts 2:17-19

  • A worldwide ministry in which we send out persons who are transformed by the Holy Spirit and who act as transformational agents in the world - John 20:21

  • Worship in the Manifest Presence of God - 1 Chronicals 16:23-25, Matthew 18:20

  • Fellowship, biblical grounding, Holy Communion, and the centrality of prayer - Acts 2:42

  • The centrality of prayer and discernment in seeking the Holy Spirit inspired consensus when making decisions - Acts 15:25

  • Transparency and accountability across all areas of the ministry including finance and accounting

What Makes a Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement Wesleyan?

By: Dr. Luther Oconer, Asbury Theological Seminary

  • The modern Pentecostal movement has long been acknowledged to find its roots in Methodism since it emerged directly from the Holiness Movement during the late 19th and early 20th

  • The Holiness Movement was a revival movement emerging from a deep concern for a restoration of John Wesley’s doctrine of holiness in American Methodism.

  • This movement spurred the rise of hundreds of holiness camp meetings around the country in the years after the Civil War reaching the masses for Christ while crossing denominational lines as Baptists, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and other Protestant groups caught the holiness wave. It essentially became at that time what the Charismatic Movement had become for the 20th and 21st

  • When a powerful nationwide revival known as the Layman’s Revival broke out in 1857, a renewed sense of the working of the Holy Spirit gripped much of American evangelicalism. As a result, the holiness message began borrowing language from the Book of Acts as holiness preachers began equating it with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They saw the baptism of the Holy Spirit as the definitive event leading to one’s experience of holiness.

  • In addition to holiness, the Pentecostal baptism was also seen as a source of power for ministry. Hence, the more radical section of the movement began promoting divine healing while its mainstream sector rejected it.

  • Later, this same radical section would also take hold of the teaching on the imminent return of Christ or specifically what is known as prem. Soon, the term “full gospel” or “four-fold gospel” became the catchword of the radical holiness folks as they taught Jesus Christ as the one who 1) saves, 2) sanctifies, 3) heals, and 4) is the soon coming King.

  • It was from this radical holiness movement that the modern Pentecostal movement would emerge as they extend this four-fold gospel of the radical Holiness movement to a five-fold gospel by highlighting another important work of Jesus, namely, the baptizer of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

  • Therefore, some scholars like Vinson Synan, Donald Dayton, and others would call the Pentecostal movement as part of “one Holiness movement.”

  • Given this history, it has always been assumed that Pentecostals are Wesleyan. However, that has not always been the case as the following chart shows:

  • A Pentecostal/Charismatic movement that claims to be Wesleyan like ARM must emphasize the importance of holiness. If it claims to be a movement of the Holy Spirit, it needs to bring back the “Holy” to the “Spirit.” ARM needs to be a modern holiness movement.

  • Teachings on the Holy Spirit (pneumatology) in a Wesleyan Pentecostal/Charismatic movement should not merely focus on supernatural ministries but also focus on soteriology (how one is saved from sin). Wesleyan understanding of salvation is highly pneumatological (Holy Spirit centered) given its emphasis on grace. Wesley’s theology of grace is a theology of the Holy Spirit.

ARM is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and is sustained solely by the grace of God flowing through the gifts of individuals and churches who have a passion to nurture, educate and equip others to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. ARM is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

ARM is governed by a Board of Directors and receives guidance and input from an Advisory Council.

Our Staff

Mark Barrow

Chief Executive Officer


(615) 851-9192 Ext.105

Mark was born in 1968, which happens to be the same year the United Methodist Church was born. He was born and raised in Elkton Maryland. He attended and served Leed’s United Methodist Church for 32 years. There he grew in faith through great teaching, sacraments, service, and witness. There he got the call to be a worship leader.

In 1998 he was searching for more. He felt that the ministry was dry and just going through the motions. He attended an Aldersgate Renewal Conference in Dallas, TX. There he experienced the fullness of the Holy Spirit moving in a way that is described in the New Testament during Pentecost. He saw and felt the love of the Father like he had never experienced before. It reminded him of the scriptures where Paul asked believers: “have you received the Holy Spirit?” His answer was like theirs; he didn’t know there was a Holy Spirit. That experience took him on a journey serving the ministry of Aldersgate Renewal Ministries (ARM). Through the years he has had the opportunity to serve in many aspects of the ministry, A/V, Youth, Onsite coordinator for the conference, Local Church renewal events, and worship leading.

In 2000 he, his wife Betty, and son Christopher moved to Tennessee to be closer to the ARM headquarters and serve as a music director at a local UMC church. In 2001 the Lord opened the opportunity to serve as a worship leader and lay associate pastor at another local Methodist church in the area.

In 2016 the Lord led the ministry of ARM to elect Mark as their Chief Executive Officer. Following the leading of the Lord, he accepted that position. He continues to serve in leading the ministry to provide opportunities for every follower of Jesus to experience transforming growth, through the love of the Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Luke Sanford

Director of Marketing and Development


(615) 851-9192 Ext.106

Luke Sanford is from Nashville, TN and is the Founder and CEO of his marketing agency. A pioneer in the digital world and creative in its purest form, Luke aims to use his knowledge and experience in marketing to help advance the kingdom.

Kourtney Brownlow

Director of Ministry Growth and Spiritual Engagement


(615) 851-9192 Ext.103

Kourtney Brownlow's journey into ministry began at the age of 15, when she felt a divine calling during a youth conference. This profound calling ignited her passion for a higher education that would equip her for a meaningful vocation in ministry. In 2005, she proudly earned her B.S. in Ministry Leadership from Williamson College.

From 2006 to 2015, Kourtney dedicated herself to ministry, embracing roles as a youth pastor and later as the Director of the Gate Ministries.

In 2014, a new chapter unfolded as she ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing her first business, a CrossFit gym. This venture marked the inception of a journey that saw her successfully navigating the realm of business ownership for the next 9 years. Her thirst for growth led her to enlist the guidance of a seasoned business mentor in 2019, a pivotal step that enabled her to grow in the area of business expansion and scalability.

Fast forward to today, Kourtney stands as a certified business mentor herself, extending her expertise to clients spanning North America. A devoted wife of 15 years to Daniel, Kourtney is also a proud mother of four incredible children: Rajya (11), Hazel (6), Malachi (4), and Ivy (4). Nestled in Murfreesboro, TN, the Brownlow family finds joy in each other's company, actively engaging in family time, and nourishing their spiritual connection by being integral members of the Belonging Company in Nashville, TN.

Jennifer Peat

Executive Assistant


(615) 851-9192 Ext.102

Jen has a heart for the Next Generation to come to understand that they are not too young to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives and to walk in their God-Given Identity. This comes from growing up in Wisconsin, attending many Aldersgate conferences and Spirit-Filled experiences throughout her teenage and college years.

Jen has a B.A. in Christian Ministries from Asbury University, and has graduated from various ministry leadership schools.

Jen currently serves ARM as the Executive Assistant, has previously served a church as a youth pastor, and has regularly volunteered in various ministries in churches and at ARM since college, including but not limited to Children’s, Youth, Worship and Dance and Food Pantry. Jen is married to Brian, and they have one daughter, Bella. They live in White House, TN.

Becky Curtis



(615) 851-9192 Ext.104

Becky was born and raised in Sheridan, Indiana. Her love for God began at an early age thanks to parents who raised her in a home where God was the center of all. She has served in her local church for many years with her passion being women’s ministry, specifically, studying the Bible with groups of women gathered around a table.

Becky lives in White House, Tennessee with her husband, Drew. She loves reading and spending time with Drew and her adult children, Mollie and Corey.

After having served a local United Methodist Church for sixteen years as their business administrator, she now serves ARM as the bookkeeper.

Our Leadership

Board of Directors 2023-2024

Jeanne Martin, Canton, MI - Chairperson, Board of Directors

Rev. Jason Dickerson, Bonaire, GA - 1st Vice-Chairperson, Board of Directors

Rev. Jim Britt, Lake, MI - 2nd Vice-Chairperson, Board of Directors

Doug Jones, Front Royal, VA - Treasurer, Board of Directors

Martha Daigneau, Van Buren Twp, MI - Secretary, Board of Directors

Mark Barrow, Goodlettsville, TN - CEO, Board of Directors

Rev. Mark Atterholt, St. Paris, OH - Board of Directors

Margie Burger, Goodlettsville, TN- Board of Directors

Judy Cummins, Alger, OH - Board of Directors

Bethany Dow, Columbia, TN - Board of Directors

DeeDee Harshbarger, De Graff, OH - Board of Directors

Rev. Janet Johnson, Weaverville, NC - Board of Directors

Tina Roach, Glen St. Mary, FL - Board of Directors

Gary Todd, Twinsburg, OH - Board of Directors

Rev. Ted Wood, Casselberry, FL - Board of Directors

Karen Wright, Gallatin, TN- Board of Directors

Rev. Gary Moore, Goodlettsville, TN - Board of Directors, Lifetime

Rev. Dr. Bob Stamps, Richmond, VA - Board of Directors, Lifetime

Rev. Dr. Bob Tuttle, Vero Beach, FL - Board of Directors, Lifetime