ARM Fellowships

What are Aldersgate Renewal Ministries Fellowships (ARMF)?

They are a fellowship of persons within an annual conference, committed to the vision and work of Aldersgate Renewal Ministries, who seek to bring renewal to the United Methodist churches in their annual conference through the person and work of the Holy Spirit.  They seek to develop an ongoing ministry on behalf of ARM with the people and churches within the fellowship’s area.  They serve as ambassadors for ARM and extend the ministry of ARM on a local level through intercessory prayer, education and encouragement through such means as:

  • Holy Spirit conferences
  • Praise and worship services
  • Promoting ARM team-led local church renewal events
  • Teaching at district/conference leadership training events
  • Hosting ARM events at their own churches
  • Have a Social Media presence about the Fellowship as well as upcoming events happening within your Fellowship
  • Distributing Guidelines: The United Methodist Church and the Charismatic Movement
  • Prayer ministry and other events at annual conference
  • ARM displays at district and annual conference events
  • Speaking to Bishops and District Superintendents and at clergy meetings about ARM and its programs
  • Promoting attendance at the annual Aldersgate conference and events at the Aldersgate Renewal Center

ARM Fellowships meet together on a regular basis for prayer, fellowship and support. They conduct at least one annual ARM event/retreat/gathering or some ongoing ministry. They contribute financially to the work of ARM on an annual basis and they receive guidance and assistance from ARM for the work of renewal in their annual conference.

ARM works in partnership with Discipleship Ministries. Having that partnership with ARM often will grant a fellowship privileges on an annual conference level, such as advertising access to conference mailing lists, email lists, conference newspapers, and annual conference display space. ARM Fellowships are required to renew their covenant relationship with ARM annually.

ARM Fellowships

Fellowships Team Leader

Baltimore/DC Area

Sherry Crockett
Phone : 301-639-9154

There are no up-coming events

Eastern Pennyslvania

Rev. Maryanne Ditter
Phone: 215-234-4852 (W)

There are no up-coming events

Western Pennyslvania

Sally Beers ( Chair )
Phone: 814-763-4577

Richard Thomas ( Co-Chair )
Phone: 724-518-6888

There are no up-coming events

Illinois Great Rivers

John Wesley Fellowship of Illinois
Rev. Gene & Mrs. Sharon Colthurst
Phone: 309-846-8009

There are no up-coming events


Wisconsin Aldersgate Renewal Ministries (W.A.R.M.)

Rev. Irving Case

There are no up-coming events



There are no up-coming events

Other ARM Fellowship Information