Aldersgate Renewal Ministries is excited to offer a new opportunity for you and your congregation. We are calling it the “Healing Hearts Tour.” With all the turmoil and stress in our lives due to struggles in the world, the church, and individual circumstances, this tour provides a chance to intentionally stop, rest, and wait on the Lord in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

At our annual board meeting in 2022, ARM Leadership began with an extended time of worship and prayer. This was an incredible time. We heard the Lord speak, setting the tone for one of our most fruitful meetings.

What does this look like? ARM Leadership will come to lead two to three hours of worship and prayer, allowing all church leaders and congregants alike the ability to participate.

How does this work? Your church would give ARM three options from any available Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday for a two-to-three-hour block. An ARM Worship Leader and Facilitator would come to your church and lead this focused time of worship and prayer, following how they sense the Holy Spirit is leading.

The church's responsibility:

  • Choose 3 possible Friday, Saturday, or Sunday dates
  • Provide a contact person’s name and location for logistic purposes
    • Please indicate on the form if the contact is different from the pastor. ARM will only come to a church at the pastor's request
  • Promote and invite people to this time of worship and prayer
  • Provide a love offering for the ARM Worship Leader and Facilitator

ARM’s Responsibility:

  • Confirm the date and location
  • Provide a Worship Leader and Facilitator for the opportunity
  • Provide all resources needed for the opportunity
  • ARM will only come to a church at the pastor's request

If you are interested, please fill out this form, and we will be in touch to schedule your Healing Hearts opportunity.

Please contact Jennifer Peat at jpeat@aldersgaterenewal.org with any questions.

2023 Blackout Dates:

These dates are not available due to the lack of ARM Leadership availability. ARM reserves the right to reschedule and/or cancel an event in the case of an emergency.

February 3-5
March 10-12
May 5
June 30
July 1-2, 7-9, 14-16
August 4-6
September 3
October 27-29
December 22-24, 29-31