About Aldersgate Renewal Ministries

"ARM is one of the dynamic ways God is presently revitalizing the UMC. Through its ministries thousands have been drawn closer to God, found renewal in the Spirit, and been empowered for faithful and effective ministry. I am grateful to God for all that ARM has meant to our denomination."
Dr. Hal Knight | Professor of Wesleyan Studies, Saint Paul School of Theology

Minister & Spouse Retreat

"My wife and I attended a Minister and Spouse Retreat in the midst of our most trying years of ministry. This event not only helped save our ministry, it saved our marrage and helped us refocus on our First Love! I know that most anyone attending this event will be blessed, refreshed and renewed to stay the course, to fight the good fight, and finish the race well! Be blessed to be a blessing!"

Aldersgate Annual Conference

"I came to Aldersgate tired, beaten up, dry, weary and worn out. It was through a dear friend of mine that came up to me, and said to me, today its all about you and God. Its not about the car repairs that need paid for, your sick father that's in the hospital back home, your friend or husband that sits beside you.... it's about you. It was through her discering spirit and her words to me, that set me free. Free to worship my Abba Father. Free to cry out to Him. Free to just be... be in the moment, be in His warm embrace, be here for this time to worship Him. While I may not have come out of Aldersgate on "Fire", I came out with a sense of peace about a lot of things that are going on."

Healing Academy

"God healed twenty years of pain during this conference, then filled me with the Holy Spirit. It was such a transforming experience, I will forever want to share the love that God poured out on me."

Supernatural Ministry Intensive

"My husband and I needed to be encouraged in ministry after a big disappointment. We received a Word from a couple of people on the ministry team. They said the Lord has us hidden, and I know that is true. I had sensed in my Spirit that what was stolen will be returned in an accelerated way and Suddenly. That was confirmed by the Word we received. A healing ministry was spoken over us, and we were anointed for this. I feel like we were in the presence of spiritual giants, and that we have so much to learn. I also received healing in my brain, neck and shoulder. I did not ask for a healing touch - but the Lord spoke to those ministering to me, and touched me in places that needed healing. The results were immediate. I am praising God, and so very thankful!"