Our Staff

Mark Barrow

Executive Director
(615) 851-9192 Ext.105

Mark was born into the life of the church in 1968, which happens to be the same year the United Methodist Church was born. He was born and raised in Elkton Maryland. He attended and served Leed’s United Methodist church for 32 years. There he grew in faith through great teaching, sacraments, service and witness. There he got the call to be a worship leader. 

In 1998 he was searching for more. He felt that the ministry was dry and just going through the motions. He attended an Aldersgate Conference in Dallas, TX. There he experienced the fullness of the Holy Spirit moving in a way that is described in the New Testament during Pentecost. He saw and felt the love of the Father like he had never experienced before. It reminded him of the scriptures where Paul asked believers: “have you received the Holy Spirit?” His answer was like theirs; he didn’t know there was a Holy Spirit. That experience took him on a journey serving the ministry of Aldersgate Renewal Ministries (ARM). Through the years he has had the opportunity to serve in many aspects of the ministry, A/V, Youth, Onsite coordinator for the conference, Local Church renewal events and worship leading. 

In 2000 he, his wife Betty, and son Christopher moved to Tennessee to be closer to the ARM headquarters and serve as a music director at a local UMC church. In 2001 the Lord opened the opportunity to serve as a worship leader and lay local pastor at another local Methodist church in the area.  

In 2016 the Lord led the ministry to elect Mark as the Executive Director of ARM. Following the leading of the Lord, he accepted that position.  He continues to serve in leading the ministry to provide opportunities for every follower of Jesus to experience transforming growth, through the love of the Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jennifer Peat

Director of Next Generation and Renewal Event Ministries
(615) 851-9192 Ext.102

Jen has a heart for the Next Generation to come to understand that they are not too young to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives and to walk in their God-Given Identity. This comes from growing up in Wisconsin, attending many Aldersgate conferences, and Spirit-Filled experiences throughout her teenage and college years.

Jen has a B.A. in Christian Ministries from Asbury University, and has graduated from various leadership schools.

Jen serves ARM as the Director of Next Generation and Renewal Event Ministries and has regularly volunteered in various ministries in churches since college, including but not limited to Children’s, Youth, Worship and Dance and Food Pantry. Jen is married to Brian and they have one daughter, Bella. They live in White House, TN.